What training do you provide to teachers?

Currently, we do not do trainings specifically for teachers. What we do is we help schools and other educational institutions in setting up their ICT compliance when it comes to their curriculum. However, we will keep in mind this need and hopefully, we’ll offer this service in the future.

Do you have a repository of possible activities we can use?

Yes, our partner schools and institutions have access to our repositories where we store all of the activities we have come up with that can help in facilitating the integration of ICT in your curriculum. In this way, educators won’t have to think of their activities by themselves.

Do you give out materials that schools can use?

Yes, please ask your school if they are already in contact with us because we make sure that our materials are always complete. But most of our materials are online and are ready for download on our website.

Are you planning to explore other subject matters?

Yes, we are planning to introduce ICT in every subject matter in order to make the educational system of the country globally competitive. We have patterned our approach based on what the other countries are doing when it comes to integration of ICT in their curriculum.

Why English only? Why not the whole curriculum?

We started with the English subject because it is the easiest to plan and execute as of now. This is because there are a lot of materials available right now that we can use and at the same time, there are a lot of blueprints that we can follow as used by other countries in their educational system.

What’s the success rate of this initiative?

We are pretty successful in our initiative. As of now, we have partnered with hundreds of schools and we keep on monitoring the results that we have done. This is very important for us as this affect how we proceed with our plans in the future.